Just a selection of our favourite Flanders rallies. Not all rallies are included and we will try and update this page as dates emerge. Maybe you would like to write a brief overview of some of the Belgian rallies you have competed on and recommend, then send them to me for inclusion? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

April 21/22-2018     Rallye Salamandre (FIRC) (CRC) (BHRC)

          Rallye Salamandre is also a round of the RAC British Historic Tarmac Championship 2018. Parc fermé and scrutineering are based in the historical town of Beaumont, service 5k further at the village of Strée. Plenty of accomodation at the Holiday Parks around Lacs de L'Eau d'Heure some 10k  further. Open to Darrian cars too. On Saturday evening there will be the FIRC prizegiving in a the Rally HQ.  ENTRY LIST NOW ALMOST FULL...

May 5 / 6th   Monteberg Rally (FIRC)

            Being run in 2017 for the first time as a shortrally, combining the stage around the famous Monteberg hill with the stage of the former Rallysprint of Reningelst, now called Busseboom. This format remains unchanged in 2018 with 7 stages in total.  Recce available the day before rally. Based in Westouter.  entries now open..

May 25 / 26th-2018     ORC Rally (FIRC) (CRC)

            Four laps of 3 stages and based in the middle of the town square in Oostrozebeke, 10km East of Roeselare. The ultimate mix of road layouts and surfacing, with old & new tarmac, country lanes & B roads. Easy spectating for service crew with a stage on walking distance and a big bar in the service area!

June 8/9-2018     Wervik Rally (FIRC) (CRC)

            Based in, and taking over, Wervik town centre 25km East of Ypres on the French border. This rally is often used by the bigger Belgian teams as a pre Ypres Rally test since the stages have an identical character: quick, bumpy and slippy with often deep cuts. In 2018, Wervik Rally is part of the MSA Protyre Asphalt Championship!  FIRC entrants, get your details in to Kristof for entries.

June 22/23-2018     Ypres Rally (BRC) (MSA BRC)

 No need to introduce this famous event. Belgiums' biggest rally, part of ERC for decades. With ERC in decline since several years, the organisers decided to leave ERC in 2017, but the MSA British Rally Championship is more than a worthy replacement! Over 30 R5 cars guaranteed, plus the Belgian GT cars, (several Porsche 997 and BMW M3), plus a 100 cars historic section. Historic and modern shakedowns on Wednesday and Thursday evening, and a massive service park for all cars spread around in the middle of the Historical town centre of Ypres. Party atmosphere everywhere, can't be cosier!

July 7/8th-2018     TBR Rallysprint  (FIRC Sprint Challenge)

            A rallysprint using 1 stage run four times, the 15k stage of "Oekene", formerly part of Omloop van Vlaanderen. A relaxing introduction to Belgian rallying. Easy spectating and only one stage to recce.  

August 4/5-2018     Boucles de Chevrotines Rally (FIRC) (CRC)

             Rally HQ is in Sivry complete with a bar. Service is in and around the village of Rance, 3 legs of 4 stages + a ‘demo section’ of 2x4 stages for  non-homologated cars like Metro 6R4, Darrian, Hawk. One SS at walking distance from the service park. This rally is situated only 10k from Rallye Salamandre. Both Salamandre and Chevrotines are considered as the most ‘british styled’ stages in Belgium. Wallonia has a very different character of road compared with Flanders, more hilly and a lot quicker with a lot of blind sections.   

August 14/15-2018     Staden Rally

            Non FIRC rally based in Staden near Roeselare and Ypres. Entries normally at a premium for this event. Yes, this is a weekday event. Held on a Belgian Bank Holiday.

September 8/9 2018  Aarova Rallysprint  (FIRC Sprint Challenge)

 A rallysprint using 1 stage run four times. A relaxing introduction to Belgian rallying. Easy spectating and only one stage to recce.

aug 31 / 1 sept 2018    Tour of Flanders Rally (Omloop van Vlaanderen)

 The stages are  mainly flat but have ditches to the outside of many corners and notes need to be  made with care to stay clear of these.  It’s a good idea to differentiate  between corners/junctions where there are ditches in front if you don’t make the  corner, and those where running wide is okay.  Speeds are high.  The  locals take some beating.  A spectacular event to watch, even if spectating  is more restricted and less popular than it used to be

October 20/21  2018    Hemicuda Rally (FIRC)

            Based in Koekelare about 30km from the coast. Uses 3 stages run 3 times. Based in a large builders merchant yard with ample service area. All documentation / scrutiny and start/ finish on same site.  Even a modestly powered car can do well here as the stages are a big challenge for the more powerful cars to show their pace.  Four wheel drive is only an advantage if  there is rain or slippy surfaces. Nimbleness is a big advantage here. Not a taxiing event for co-drivers.  Very enjoyable motorsport for both team members.

November  24-25 2018  Kortrijk Rally (FIRC)

            Based in the town centre of Kortrijk about 30km North of Lille. Always a very popular event and entries fill up VERY fast! 180 entries in the first day in 2017. The last event of the season, so for many teams the final occasion to finish the season in style. Loads of big cars at the start, big crowds around. Service in the city centre, big party tent at Main Square.


Don’t forget, the rallies marked FIRC form part of the Flanders International Rally Championship. One of the best ways for a British crew to get over to Belgium with the minimum amount of stress. WWW.FIRC.BE for more information. For the Historic lovers, there is the Classic Rally Challenge (CRC),

Both Challenges can easily be combined.